Salclear Trilube® is a triathlon specific lubricant intended for use on the rubber seals of high performance wetsuits in order to aid putting the wetsuit on easily.... and taking it off very quickly.

The suit seals, normally made of soft rubbers such as natural latex or neoprene, are pliable, delicate and easily damaged.

They are very flexible allowing a good seal around the neck, wrists and ankles; yet can be easily damaged in the rush to get the suit off during the 1st Transition between swim and bike.

Application of our special Trilube® eases and speeds up the process of removing the wetsuit, saving seconds in the transition and reducing damage to the suit seals.

Salclear Trilube® should also be applied to plastic and metal zippers to enable the smooth and snag free running of the zipper

for triathletes we also produce:

- water resistant goggle defogs (Salclear® Ultra, DMist, DMist+, Aquasport)

- Salclear DeTangle - hair detangler

- Salclear Scubasoap™ - wetsuit detergent and conditioner

- Salclear Saniscube™ - wetsuit disinfectant

- Salclear Sports Pack - with hayfever spray, athletes foot treatment and   anti chafing aid

- Salclear Silispray™ - wetsuit and dive kit cleaner and protectant

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Trilube® Water resistant triathlon wetsuit seal and zipper lubricant

Salclear Trilube™ - triathlon wetsuit lubricant